LG Electronics Factory

In 2017, Morgan Contractors began the largest project in company history. In a public bid process, Morgan Contractors was awarded a $15.2 million commercial site grading contract at the future site of the LG Electronics appliance factory in Clarksville, Tenn. Not only is it largest contract ever awarded to the family-owned company, but the 310-acre lot is also the largest job site for the Morgan brothers.

Morgan Contractors role is multi-phased and began in August 2017. Their portion of the job should be complete by late 2018. The project began with extensive earthmoving, as Morgan employees turned over fields into the future home of a worldwide manufacturing company.

A large portion of the company’s initial site preparation work included site grading, excavating and backfilling. Approximately 50 Morgan employees remained at the job site seven days a week during the site preparation phase. Morgan is one of several local subcontractors involved with the project.

Morgan Contractors relied on their fleet of construction equipment to move the project forward, including articulated dump trucks, scrapers, bulldozers and compactors. The earthmoving company also utilized specific technologies, including satellite GPS, which allow for more precise grading.

Others aspects of the job included:

• Storm Drain Installation
• Site Clearing
• Sinkhole Remediation
• Soil Compaction
• Trenching
• Building Pad Preparation

The 1 million-square-foot LG Electronics appliance factory, which will manufacture washing machines, is expected to begin production in October 2018.