Gateway Medical Center

Morgan Contractors led site demolition efforts at Gateway Medical Center, located off Madison Street. Demolition and excavation work at the 73,000-square-foot site began in August 2010 to ready the location for a Publix grocery store and other retail development.

Morgan Contractors was responsible for site demolition, which included the innovative use of a “Green Deconstruction” process to salvage, recycle and reuse building components and materials. Through this effort, materials were repurposed and spared a trip to the local landfill. Morgan, Inc. donated all of the cabinets, plumbing materials (sinks, toilets, handicap rails), chairs, desks and hardware to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore of Montgomery County.

Originally constructed as Clarksville Memorial Hospital in 1954, the old hospital was replaced in 2008 by Tennova Healthcare – Clarksville with a new building located off Dunlop Lane. Morgan Contractors also cleared the land for the new hospital.

Morgan’s role in the 2010 demolition project included:

  • Clean up and debris removal
  • Recycling of hardscapes (parking lot lights, signage, parking blocks, interior cabinets) and landscapes (trees) and sorting internal building demolition waste
  • Removal of interior infrastructure (water and electrical) and interior and underground support systems (generators, boilers, gas tanks)
  • Crushing and sorting concrete support structures
  • Building pad preparation